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Mission Statement and Staff

Today's healthcare worker, which includes nurses and ancillary staff, has goals and expectations equal to employees in non-healthcare environments, but clearly much more unique and challenging. To appropriately meet the needs of our clients in healthcare, The Burke Group formed the Healthcare Division in 1998, adding experienced healthcare consultants to compliment our consulting team. Our professional staff consists of Registered Nurses with background in senior leadership, Human Resource professionals with healthcare experience, a Vice President from the State Healthcare Association, and a past President of the California Nurses Association.

In addition to professional R.N.'s and healthcare executives, TBG has also recruited a diverse consultant base reflective of today's healthcare workforce. Our healthcare industry expertise, which understands labor relations acumen in a setting that is value and mission driven, makes The Burke Group (TBG) uniquely prepared to assist clients with challenges posed by today's labor unions.

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Our Belief

The healthcare environment has changed dramatically in just the last few years. With the prediction of continued shortages of key personnel such as registered nurses and other technical roles, coupled with increased consumer demand and decreasing fiscal resources, today's healthcare workers will be key in determining the patient care practices in each different venue. Opportunities for professional advancement with appropriate wage and benefit programs are key elements for a successful relationship that will reflect their organization's value and solutions to challenges such as staffing, scheduling, patient care practices and communications.

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Management's Challenge

Nurses join unions for the same reasons everyday workers do. Providing the "business literacy" gives nurses and other employees information they need to understand how management operates and their role within that process. It also conveys how management protects their interests every step of the way with the bottom line being safety and security to both healthcare workers and their patients. Unions don't always sell truth; and a union contract does not always result in control over working lives and financial gain.

Unions make claims about healthcare employees' safety, working conditions, and professionalism, claiming their license and reputation are at stake every time they are met with patient care challenges. They claim that voting union equates to being able to protest assignments and that they will ensure quality patient care.
  • Communication breakdown
  • Lack of management training for front line supervisors
  • Salary inequities
  • Personnel shortages, especially in nursing
  • Lack of employee opportunities to participate in decisions that affect their work life: "A Voice"
Unions make claims about healthcare employees' safety, working conditions, and professionalism claiming their license and reputation are at stake every time they are put in a compromising position. What is a compromising position? They claim that voting Union equates to being able to protest assignments and that they will ensure quality patient care.

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Card Check and Campaign Strategies

TBG assists clients facing a union election with development of a strategy consistent with the organization's culture and values. We persuade and support - we don't dictate. Working with managers, we concentrate on those aspects of continual direct relationship with employees and educate on the downside of unionization. Listed below are samplings of some or our more recent efforts. Each work product meets the client's individual needs consistent with TBG values and approaches as follows:
  • Strengthen front line manager/staff relationships
  • Ensure managers and supervisors understand their roles and responsibility for communicating
  • Improve business literacy
  • Understand how unions work in healthcare
  • Work with managers to develop attributes of positive employee relations as part of their management style
  • Help clarify the value of maintaining a union free workplace

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Training and Development

Our training programs are tailored to the themes and cultural attributes of an organization in order to provide our healthcare clients with a meaningful learning experience. Coupled with manager coaching and program development engagement, The Burke Group assists healthcare organizations in meeting their strategic goals.

Engagement of The Burke Group demonstrates to both managers and employees that the organization is committed to instilling a POSITIVE employee program and environment deterring union organizing attempts. Remaining union-free allows healthcare employers to implement those programs aimed at being the employer of choice and demonstrates that employees, patients and communities are best served free of the restrictions and disruption of a union.

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