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The Burke Group (TBG) is the largest labor relations consulting firm providing training and guidance to all levels of management leaders throughout the U.S. (Hawaii and Alaska), Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Western Europe and Central America. We are experienced with the unique cultural nuances of union recognition, counter organizing and decertification issues faced by large, small, and multi-national organizations in the changing global economy. Our emphasis is labor relations and strategic guidance as it relates to staying union free through preventive programs as well as counter recognition and union organizing campaigns.

The Burke Group (TBG) has grown steadily for 25 years and currently directs more than 40 culturally diverse professional consultants from multiple locations throughout the USA. We have helped hundreds of businesses in virtually every industry including healthcare to meet their most critical union and non-union labor relations challenges.

The Burke Group (TBG) has succeeded in organizations covered by the National Labor Relations Act (U.S.A.), The Railway Labor Act, U.S. state and municipal labor laws, the Employee Relations Act (U.K.), and the Industrial Relations Acts (Canada). The Burke Group (TBG) has distinguished itself as the leader in providing both successful preventative strategies and corrective programs. TBG's customized approach to the specific needs of your organization provides the necessary flexibility to handle any labor relation issues. We help strengthen your organization through management training, enhanced business literacy and communication skills. This generally results in lasting quantitative and qualitative improvements in productivity and prevention of future organizing attempts in non-represented organizations.

In order to secure the most effective advocacy of management's initiatives, The Burke Group provides a variety of core Services.

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