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TBG emphasizes that all employees have a legally protected right to either organize or to remain union free. This decision can only be made after BOTH management and the union communicate their positions such that employees have clear understandings of how BOTH sides of the union free vs. pro union options will impact their future as well as their employer’s. During organizing campaigns, management has both the right and the obligation to present its’ employees their position regarding these critical issues. The primary purpose is to insure that employees are provided information and encouragement which allows them to make an “informed” choice to vote either for union recognition or to remain union free.

"Effect of Collective Representation (what other business leaders say is at risk)"

  • Loss of flexibility to respond quickly to (market, customers, employees)
  • Recruitment - inability to attract skilled individuals
  • Change to relationship (leaders & Employees)
  • Communications become slanted
  • Interruption to production due to work stoppage
  • Resistance/delay to operational changes
  • Union protection of poorest Employees
  • Retention - best workers may choose to leave
  • Resist promotion on merit
  • No longer all working toward a common goal
  • Union attacks management as the enemy
  • Gives non-union competitors an advantage
  • Financial impact - higher operational costs
  • Do what agreement requires, not what's right
  • Union gets credit for any improvements (but ask the question: "who's paying them?")
  • Retention - best workers may choose to leave
  • Resist promotion on merit

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