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Mission Statement

Employers who choose to deal directly with their employees without union representation assume a significant responsibility to create and maintain a Positive Employee Relations Environment. TBG believes that a positive employee relations environment is best measured by one that requires no union. Employee participation in concert with company management through effective leadership programs and actions that recognize and nurture the dignity of the individual worker earn a “positive” workplace climate by doing the following:

  • Treat all employees with dignity and respect
  • Encourage participation in decisions impacting employee work lives
  • Select, train, mentor and develop effective frontline leadership
  • Communicate openly and honestly with employees
  • Resolve workplace concerns and issues in a timely and equitable manner
  • Compensate employees consistent with marketplace philosophy
  • Evaluate, recognize and reward exceptional performance
  • Ensure management is living up to it’s “Mission Statement”
  • Constantly monitor and assess employee concerns and issues
  • Ensure that policies and practices are applied consistently

Feedback we’ve received from supervisors regarding the risks involved upon unionization are as follows:

  • Loss of flexibility to make changes quickly in an increasingly competitive world.
  • Inability to recruit the best talent due to refusal to work in a union environment.
  • The relationship change between the supervision and employees.
  • Communication by union officers and stewards becomes controlled and subject to misunderstanding and misinterpretation.
  • Work stoppages introduce interruption of production and services.
  • Poorest performers are protected because of the grievance system, shop stewards and seniority promotion
  • After unionization, a significant number of the best workers are either forced or choose to leave.
  • Unions are typically resistant to operational changes.


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