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“The Burke Group provides outstanding skills assessment and hands-on training for managers and front-line supervisors regarding improving employee communications and interpersonal skills. Over the last five years, our company’s experience with the professionals from The Burke Group has been uniformly excellent in wide variety of business situations and geographic locales. The Burke Group is responsive and have great impact and the highest ethical standards. No matter how difficult the assignment, The Burke Group has always been successful for us.”

Edward J. Bocik
Vice President Labor Relations

"I just wanted to send you a letter to sincerely thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you have shown throughout this campaign. Everything you did was greatly appreciated and I will not forget the experience of working with such professionals as yourselves. Your team's contributions and dedication were integral in our achieving a victory for our employees. Outstanding job!"

AJ McCormac
Vice President Human Resources

"I have worked with The Burke Group many times over the last 20 years and they have helped our U.S. organizations employees win two decertification elections, avoid 13 successor-employer relationships and assist in the successful resolution of labor relations issues in Puerto Rico. The Burke Group has always been professional and very responsive to our needs. Further, they bring a true value-added approach to their consulting efforts which include advice and counsel on a wide variety of issues that clearly relate to effective employee relations."

Peg O'Neal
Sr. VP Human Resources

"With an audit and a few hours counsel a few months ago, the whole campaign might have been averted. That would have saved our employees from what turned out to be a traumatizing experience and scars that will take a long time to heal. Anyway, when we called TBG, we were already under siege. The expertise of TBG made all the difference. The union defeated, I am obliged to tell you it couldn't have been done without the support of The Burke Group. Thanks for helping us save our employees from the union."

Pete Glavas, CEO

"I will never forget what your and your team were able to do for us!"

Caroll H. Neubauer

"The Burke Group provided invaluable support and guidance to us during the recent union organizing campaign. Their expertise assisted our management team to increase the effectiveness of our communication and remain union-free."

Judith Berg
Senior Vice President, Nursing Services

"We are sincerely grateful for the key role The Burke Group has played in our employees' recent ability to avoid the union. The multitude of efforts your team provided including, establishment of a campaign strategy, communication pieces, newspaper articles and videos, and training on the NLRA for both our employees and our managers has lead to our successful defeat of the union! Even more impressive was your assistance in gaining awareness of the underlining issues. NOT understanding them is what resulted in our employees considering a union to represent them in the first place. With this information, we are now able to take the steps necessary to make a difference in the work environment we create for our employees and hopefully avoid the union from this point forward. Thank you, we couldn't have done it without you!"

Angela Rivera
Director, Human Resources

"In addition to helping us win back our facility, The Burke Group supplied us with valuable information about our employees and our management staff. Their information allowed us to avoid future pitfalls and to create a more harmonious workplace for all concerned. They also helped us to plan and develop training programs for our management and supervisory personnel. In short, they had a myriad of services to offer us, and we could select whatever best met our needs."

I heartily recommend The Burke Group to anyone facing a union organizing campaign, or who wishes to implement preventive labor relations programs. They are terrific to work with, and the depth and breadth of their personnel is extraordinary. They will motivate and inspire you and your management team to attain seemingly impossible goals."

Mark Finkelstein

"Union free activities are high adrenal and time consuming events. TBG was able to assess the situation and provide confidential shop-floor data that helped drive a successful union free strategy. I was amazed about the accuracy of the information. I highly recommend TBG."

Joe Capola
(Eaton) Havant Based

"Congratulations are due to the team at The Burke Group who gave us tremendous guidance and support through the whole process."

General Manager

"We have regularly used training services in the areas of Positive Emplouee Relations for our supervisors and management team. The consultants are true professionals with a wealth of "real-world" experience. Our supervisors and managers consistently rate the content and quality of the training as excellent. We firmly believe that proactive training for our supervisors and managers is a key factor in our ability to more effectively manage and communicate with our staff."

Scott Harrell
Division Human Resources Manager

"I have had the pleasure and privilege to be associated with PERP training for the past 8 years. I have witnessed and measured improvement that has been nothing short of spectacular. One year, the owner of our company announced to the employees that the PERP training had the greatest positive impact on the Company initiatives that year. Quite simply, it works well in the real world."

Will Isherwood
Dir. of Human Resources

"Successful companies develop employees as a competitive advantage and PERP provides an essential tool for doing this by training supervisors how to effectively and personally communicate on various levels and in different situations with employees. It's cost effective training that teaches supervisors how to achieve results through people by fostering a positive work environment and avoiding costly and unproductive problems. And at Graham, its training that we believe has made our company and its supervisors necessarily better."

George Lane, Sr. VP Global
People Resources

"The Interpersonal Skills Training (PERP) program has been an important part of our supervisory development program. Our company culture supports promotion from within which makes Interpersonal Skills training even more important because many of the individuals promoted have not had previous supervisory experience. This program takes the actual on the job experience of the participants combines them with instructors who are able to facilitate the learning process with the role playing, and creates a highly effective educational program that makes us a better team. Here at our distribution center, we are in the people business as we rely on positive associate relations to accomplish our customer service objectives. I believe that any organization that embraces the tenets advocated by this program will reap the benefit of improvements in morale, operating results, customer service and growth. It works, and is well worth the investment."

Kai Goto, VP
Distribution Center

"The investment in leadership development using the Positive Employee Relations Practices (PERP) training resource has significantly improved our leadership team's confidence, leadership skills, and communication skills, which has resulted in improved employee job satisfaction and reduced employee turnover. The return on investment has exceeded our expectations."

Blaine Campbell, SPHR
Human Resources Manager
Netcare Access

"It is very nice to have the result behind us and we know our work to strengthen company morale is ongoing. You folks were so very professional and effective. We would have failed without you.  I share a readiness to be a very strong reference for The Burke Group."

John W Hughes
Senior Vice President
Corporate Compliance Officer
Netcare Corporation

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