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Employees at ADAC Automotive in Muskegon Vote Against Joining UAW
Friday, December 19, 2014


By Brandon Champion

MUSKEGON, MI – Employees at ADAC Automotive voted not to unionize. Dan Kosheba, representative with the United Automobile Workers, confirmed the decision Friday, Dec. 19. The total votes for and against joining the union were not immediately released.

The UAW held a vote for the company's 670-plus production, maintenance and technical support employees at ADAC's three Muskegon locations on Keating Avenue, Port City Boulevard and Olthoff Street throughout the day on Dec. 18. According to Kosheba, the company held several meetings with employees.

"At the end of the day, that's what we're in this for," he said. "Hopefully this means some things will start to happen and it's a better place to work." According to Kosheba, concerns included the lack of a firm time-off policy and no clear system for the advancement of employees. Wages and benefits were also a concern.

Terry Leberfinger, ADAC vice president of Human Resources, was contacted this morning and plans to release a statement later today.

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