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Union Organizing Response Planning

Most managers and supervisors within small businesses and corporations are untrained and/or inexperienced when it comes to a union's organizing campaign and need to quickly learn how to respond within the guidelines of the NLRA. Professional union organizers plan and direct a union campaign but the actual work of organizing is generally carried out by employees selected and trained to form a plant organizing committee.

When a union campaign has begun, the organizers are often ahead of supervision in communicating with employees and perhaps making promises that employees do not fully understand. The organization needs to make key action decisions. 

The Burke Group works with the leadership team to quickly understand the issues, develop a campaign response plan and educate the leadership on all aspects of the organizing process. TBG brings the management team together to meet the union’s challenge. 

TBG is committed to building a positive workplace climate encouraging managements' direct communication with employees. We encourage managers and employees to become fully engaged in resolving workplace problems together. Our consultants train, coach, counsel, AND develop an employee communications program and motivate supervisors and managers right up to the election date.

We identify employee concerns, make recommendations, and work with managers and employees to build a better workplace. We are engaged to strengthen the internal consultation process, encourage two-way dialogue, and ensure line managers and employees are fully informed about the complex process of union recognition.

TBG fully respects each person's legal right to belong to a trade union and we advocate for the right to make individual and informed decisions about union-based collective bargaining.

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