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Card Signing

Card signing is the first step in a union’s organizing campaign. The number of cards signed will determine a  union’s interest in pursuing continued organizing efforts in a particular workplace before they decide to file a petition with the NLRB.  If a union does not collect enough cards, generally there will be no petition filed.  But lack of cards is no guarantee that an election will not be sought.  Campaigning is ongoing and signed cards will continue to be sought.  Signed cards will inform union organizers of interest that will guide them in determining the viability of pursuing an election.

Once card signing starts, organizers will begin an aggressive communications campaign.  And once the petition is filed, they become more aggressive via letters, emails, meeting, social networking, home visits and all means available to them.  

Throughout the process, organizers may make grand promises to attract interest from workers,  but the law does not require those promises to be kept.  The time from card signing and from the petition to the election is critical for employers to help employees sort fact from fiction.   

The Burke Group can assist in the communications effort.  We audit, train, coach, counsel and support the employees and employer during a union’s campaign process.  Most employers lack the personnel and expertise required during the critical period preceding an election.  Legal communications are critical.

Petition Withdrawal

As employees learn the facts,  our experience has shown they often lose interest or withdraw support.  Without positive supportive momentum  and/or enough cards, the union will determine it is NOT in their best interests to continue an organizing campaign and will cease the organizing process or withdraw the petition if one has been filed.  

Employer communication is critical.

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