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Digital Video Communication CD/DVD Communication

In today's digital and media driven world, messages must be delivered in varied formats. Custom labor videos provide excellent pro-employer messages with hard-hitting facts as well as personal testimonials and perspectives from employees and supervisors. CD/DVD hosted presentations are another format that will enable you to reach the technical savvy of your employee group, allowing employees to browse through information in “chapters” and learn at their own pace. Digital communications strengthen critical messages with verbal and visual reinforcement.

Custom Campaign Websites

Custom Campaign Websites reinforce your campaign message in a format that preserves employee anonymity, enhances personalization and enables dynamic content solutions. Employees will be able to access current news, organizational communications, union activity data and statistics anywhere, anytime.

Communication Strategy

Effective communication strategy must integrate organizational objectives with labor relations strategies. The Burke Group will develop strategic plans that recognize the need to be both flexible and responsive to internal and external audiences. The Burke Group understands the importance of actively managing the organization's image within the community during a labor relations campaign.

When employees feel vulnerable because of business actions (mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, etc.) they become susceptible to promises by the unions to protect them. Management can also be ineffective when they do not understand the business climate and do not have the communications skills key to preserving effective employee relations.

The Burke Group's years of experience has shown that providing both the management team and the workforce with quality and reliable information is one of the best techniques for success.

Videos and Labor Research available through PTI Labor Research


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