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Negotiations Strategies & Communications

Contract negotiations are one of the most important events to occur within an organization.  They set the tone (normally three years) for the relationship with the unionized workforce and strongly influence the relationship with the non represented or “union free” workforce.

For the vast majority of organizations, the negotiations planning and process is handled by a few top level executives and/or the labor relations staff which is frequently advised by outside counsel.  This usually results in supervisors and managers being kept in the dark while most of the employees receive information via second hand unreliable sources or rumors from union reps and stewards.

Communicating in a “Unionized” Environment

FACTS™ means FAIR ACCURATE COMMUNICATIONS THROUGH SUPERVISION. FACTS™ Training is a signature program developed by The Burke Group.  Whether dealing with a union for the first time or if your organization has been unionized for many years, it is important that your management team communicates effectively during contract negotiations and understands how to manage with a contract in place.  All too often management leaves communications to the union which results in employees getting one sided information.  FACTS™ is a highly interactive and fast moving program that will provide your management team with the following:

  • The skills and knowledge needed to explain and advocate the organization’s positions during negotiations using “real life” situations
  • How to manage effectively in a unionized environment
  • Effective communications techniques and interpersonal skills

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