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Strike Plans

While no one wants a strike, a critical part of any negotiations is for management to be confident that if a work stoppage occurs, they are prepared. 

A thorough and well thought out strike plan results in:

  • Maintaining operational effectiveness during work stoppages
  • Confident management teams
  • Realistic and pragmatic negotiations strategies
  • Smooth "End of Strike" healing and reentry

TBG  has experienced professionals who have provided organizations with thorough and complete strike plans that take organizations from the first day to the end of a strike.  These plans cover everything including continued security, receiving supplies, replacement workers and subcontracting. The only way to ensure the best results at the bargaining table is to be prepared for EVERY possible outcome.

Strike Authorization Votes

One of the most critical events during labor negotiations is the union's contract approval and/or final strike authorization meeting. It is critical to ensure maximum attendance at these meetings by continuing to provide potential attendees with all of the up to date management/union positions. Through the use of your front line leaders, the union members should be provided with the rationale for management's positions and the importance of attending the union meeting to ensure their questions are answered and their voices are heard. It is at this point the benefits of FACTS™ training become critical to ensure that as many members attend as possible to prevent the meeting from being controlled by a few militant members. Our experience shows that the negotiations will have a successful outcome when the facts are known and attendance is maximized.

Return to Work After A Strike

It is to everyone’s advantage to make the return to work as smooth and harmonious as possible.  In fact, the ending of a strike provides is an opportunity to begin changing the culture of an organization.

TBG has developed a process that will ensure that the return to work after a strike is as positive and effective as possible.  The process is tailored to the needs of the organization and includes:

  • A management audit to clearly identify the underlying issues that caused the work stoppage,
  • Development of an overall communications and event plan that includes both external communications to striking employees and the media and internal communications to salaried and managerial employees,
  • Training and coaching to handle difficult "return to work" situations,
  • An employee reorientation process.

The return to work process developed has proven effective in bringing back employees in the most productive manner possible and in such a way that the wounds caused by the strike are allowed to heal.

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